ArrowPower 2014
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ArrowPower 2014 ArrowPower 2014
Build The Trail
By Gerald Fraas

Three years later and in a different location, ArrowPower is laying the second milestone of its history with ArrowPower2014, a week of service with a focus on large-scale improvements on the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. Participants will be trained in the ways of trail building, invasive species removal, surveying, campsite restoration, and many other useful skills they will put to use during the week. Although the days are long, recreation has not been forgotten and opportunities will be available for arrowmen to en joy the features of the local area. These opportunities havenít been confirmed yet, but could include tubing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, a Wiscon sin Dells water park, sailing on Lake Superior, and/ or horseback riding. The dates for ArrowPower2014 are August 17th-23rd and the cost is set at $225 with a $100 deposit due at the time of registration. Arrow Power2014 is open to all registered BSA members, including Venturers, who are at least 14 and meet the high adventure medical standards. This is looking like it will be a great opportunity to leave a lasting mark on an area of land that will be used for centuries to come, and will be a fantastic experience for those who make the journey to western Wisconsin.

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